What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

I want new hand phone!!
but who wanna give me the new one? using android as their OS. can mr nuffnang give me as my wedding present?hahahaha (verangan LOL)...

when read the specs, this LG comeout with 3D features i can not imagine how beauty my life will be going.. right now, i love doing recording moments in my life. yeah, life after marriage is interesting ok. we do many things with our love, so when i can record it in 3d, of coz it will make it more interesting!!!

instead of recording moments, i love playing games!!!i am not a hardcore gamers but still die hard fan playing games okkay...like angry bird... until now not feeling bored playing this game..keep on repeat and repeat and repeat...hahahha...

are you love watching youtube?ehmm..from review, they said it best part to watch youtube using this LG!!so, mr nuffnang may you give this handphone to me??
if u want to know more detail about this handphone, u can go to  HERE

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