to those who hijacked MH370

to those who related in taking control MH370 out there..

when heard press conference by our prime minister..
i think i should write this..

if you out there read my article, if you are THE ONE who taking control flight MH370...

release all the passengers and crews go back to their loves one...
why you take MH370?what they have wrong doing to you?
if you want that flight, just take the flight...not the people in there..

don't you have father?mother?brother?sister?
don't you have husband?wife?son?daughter?
do you following any relegion?do you realize what are you doing rite now?

don't you have the one you loves most in your life?
have you look at those faces who are patiently waiting their family back to them?

don't you have humanity??

i am asking you...let all the passengers and crews back to their place.. 

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