Anthony Bourdain (S4)

hi alls...

i love to watch TLC channel at astro (707 okkay)...
like bizarre foods with Andrew zimmern or Anthony Bourdain..

currently i'm watching Anthony Bourdain..
he is searching place that he wanna go & so many people send their video to him.

after watching soo many people video suggestion , lastly he choose Jedda!!!video that had been sent by a lady (if i'm not mistake the lady named Lidya) more attractful Anthony Bourdain!!its amazing okkay...

Jedda remind me while performing Umrah
their culture of course same dear..buying bread (i called it roti arab) 5pieces for only 1rial (SAR)
the bread in a big size!!!u cannot find it here (i think soo laa or else i'm the 1 not finish exploring places for eat)
also their food...nasi arab with hanith lamb/chicken..OMG!!!!too delicious too remember (feel like to go Saba' restaurant eat nasi arab)

woww!!!the lady bring him to the sea for diving..sorry i didnt hear the name of the sea.(red sea maybe)..
who said when using hijab you cannot do activity like diving & swimming???
thanks to the lady because u show the best attitude, good sample as Muslimah...(i can say she is gorgeous!!)
he also go to camel farm,red sea mall, eat at soo many places..owhhh...i think he is very enjoying there but not sure if Anthony Bourdain can hold with the high temp at Jedda..huhuhu...

who knows because of you lady, Anthony Bourdain will be like Yusof Islam??

enjoy watching tv programs!!
time to cook now...bye...

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