berbuka at mines wellness hotel

actually wanna do entry for my birthday..
bcoz of buzy baking biskut raya + finishing my works, forgot all the day

when is my buzday????

19th august ok...
i'm having dinner with my seetheart laaa of coz...he is the 1 wish me on 00:01am....
of coz on that time i've already in my sweet dream...hahahhhahahh
our table
astro doing their csr to rumah kasih sayang

n my sweetheart buzday on 23th august..
sayang kamu jugak!!

not forgetting my lovely mommy, 20th august...
miss u mom!!!!

n my superb nice boss on 24th august...
my boss rita stand in between

so nice rite???

al fatihah to my sweetheart late mother....on 23th august after giving birth to him..

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