yesterday i watched horror movie KARAK
actually planned to watch XMEN or KL GANGSTER but unfortunately full house!!!!
so, karak still have a seat...then i just buy the ticket..

credit pic from KRU Studios

the storyline is clear...
about 4 friends (jack,ida, nik & zura) going to Kuantan.
on the way, they meet jammed.so,they decide to use old road.
they start from karak n there the story begin..
nik likes to story about the karak is haunted way on night. but jack (driver) not trust about ghost.
along the way they have been haunted with child & his mom until they got an accident..

but ending a little bit frust coz the reporter said that 3died & 1 still missing (ke aku yg dah takot tuh slh dgr???tp aku rasa mcm xsalah dgr)

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