Hotel Citiview, Kuantan

hi uolss...
last weekend i went to kuantan for my cousin's wedding
so, i've decided with my others cousin to stay at hotel coz of coz lerr my cousin's house will be full with aunties2 and uncles2...hu2...

so, for youngsters like us,stay at hotel is the best way laa..
at night we can karaoke,chit chat, that nite is our nites..yeahhh!!!!

here, i just wanna comment about hotel citiview...
sori coz i dont hv any pic of the hotels..buleh cenggitu jer citer??
hotel citiview is next to TNB behind this carwash

beside citiview hotel,got this place to wash my car

okeh,dont assume with RM160 on school holidays u can get pool a the hotel lerr..hahhaha
so, i give this hotel marks.... 2.5/5
thats y i dont wanna take any pic..their service a little bit late.
the time when we enter the room, no towel,no mineral water,no....etc..
so, we need to ask them why got so many think lack??
mayb because always full house, then lack of staffs, thats y the services a little bit late..

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