National Youth Day 2011

small heli..

mentang2lah opis den dokat je dongan event nih..
koje den nak mengupdate jer yerrr...
mcmla ada org nak baca blog den nih..umur pon xsampai sebulan lg..ho3

oh yeahh!!!
i just wanna share to those can not reach here..
people who are working on weekend
to those who can not come to Putrajaya..

this morning my friend told that the K-POP band will attend for show on Saturday nite.
is it true??
i'll try to come if i can even my family will be at my house dis weekend...
sengal btol aku nih.sesuker jer nak merayap..
sesusah orgtua tuh dtg dr kpg,anak dia pi merayap..
then i'll bring them also watch the concert laa...can arr??
sing a song

some picca to share

pemandangan Hari Belia Negara 2011

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