Avillion Hotel PD

Just to share...

last week, i went for workshop..
the venue was at Avillion Hotel Port Dickson (http://www.avillionportdickson.com/)
--u can look at their website--
i'm really2 enjoy staying there..
i suggest for those who want to get some fresh air from the sea, running from the hectic life in KL especially, to feel like living on the water (sbb kampung den bukan kat laut),
this is the place u all should go...

(also thanks a lot to the organiser DN.....)

so, have a some look....

this is the entrance of the hotel...u can't see from the outside what they have inside ..

d 2nd pic was the place where i stayed in...water chalet..
(mmg best lah,sampai rasa xnak balik)

n d last pic was d swimming pool...

actually i hv more n more pic to upload...
Avillion Hotel PD got a small zoo..
they have a beautiful peacock with 1 amputated leg..pity on d peacock
from what the hotel's staff story to me, d peacock go on surgical coz of wrong landing after flying...
so d doc (doctor haiwan lah) decide to cut d leg of the peacock to save his life.
later on i upload pic of d peacock..

thanks Avillion Hotel PD coz i have a great day staying there!!!

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